Cheat Sheets


So a huge success during my time working at New Horizons Ireland has been the Keyboard shortcut cheat sheets I designed. They continue to attract thousands of links to our website and are very popular on image sharing sites like Pinterest, Imgur and other social media sites.

Our instructors would often share time saving keyboard shortcuts in class which proved very popular with students, but whom were always afraid of forgetting the shortcuts. So I teamed up with the different instructors to create these keyboard shortcuts to share in class and online.

When coming up with the design layout for the cheat sheets, I looked at other cheat sheets online and found it hard to read them, as the keys were just represented by the letters or numbers in plain text. I found it much easier to read the shortcuts when they were displayed graphically as keys. This made it quicker to recognise the keys and also easier visually to tell the difference between the shortcut explanation and the keys you need to press.

I also developed the folding concept to make it easier for people to quickly reference the cheat sheet on there desk by flipping it around, while not taking up too much space at the same time.

You can download and view many of my cheat sheets on the New Horizons cheat sheet page.